I'm jess.

mom of three girls, wife to a handsome fireman, baby photographer, creator of things, and lover of all things true crime. 





I'm a proud, born and raised Mainer and grew up in China. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are exploring the outdoors, walking barefoot through the woods, and catching tadpoles with an old fishing net. My love for the country life and outdoors stuck with me as I grew older, and it instilled in me a sense of adventure that I still to this day need to appease with a an occasional long drive down old back roads with the windows down and country music blaring.


After graduating high school I attended art school in Boston where I decided to major in photography; something that had already been a great hobby of mine since age 14. It wasn't soon after finishing my first two semesters that I realized that while photography was most definitely my passion, the environment I was in was not made for someone like me. I missed my home, I missed the small-town life, I missed my family dearly, and I sincerely felt like what I was being taught were things I already knew.  So, I moved back home and decided to start a photography business, with or without a degree.


Fast forward 7 years, and I am now in the midst of a flourishing photography business that I have proudly built from the ground up. I wish I could say that I have done it all by myself, but it certainly would not have been possible without the undying love and support that I receive from my family and friends on a daily basis. This journey has been an incredible learning process in being both a small business owner and as a human being in general.  In these 7 years of business I have learned so much. From taxes and marketing, to changing diapers and breastfeeding, and even how to make a kick-ass gin and tonic at home.  I've become a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a mentor, and most importantly I've become the person who I am today.  I wouldn't trade this roller-coaster ride for anything in the world.


I am a mother to two beautiful girls; Veda who is age 7, and Blake who is  2. I am married to my best-friend, Shawn, who is a full-time firefighter/EMT for both the Waterville and Oakland fire departments. We have a cozy little home in Fairfield that we share with our girls and a lazy, black lab, Brandy, whom we rescued from the shelter a few years ago. As a family we enjoy trips to the mall to do some shopping, going for nature walks in the summer, camping, and just simply spending time together at home in our "comfy pants" eating a home cooked meal.


Let's be real; There's only so much a few paragraphs can tell you about who I am and where I've come from. These are just the basics, but underneath all of these words is a person who lives to love, and loves to live. I truly, without a doubt adore what I do here and I really am the luckiest and most grateful person on earth for being able to call this my job everyday. I thank you for coming here and reading this far into my bio page; I just hope you give me the opportunity to return the favor and get to know you!



I truly look forward to meeting you!

wrapping babies like burrito's since 2011

wrapping babies like burrito's since 2011

the husband aka second shooter aka personal fanny pack

the husband aka second shooter aka personal fanny pack


Family photos courtesy of Andy Dumas.