I know that looks like a lot of words, but it will be worth it. promise.


1) I get you booked. You’ll submit a copy of my contract and your retainer and we’ll set the date for your session(s). Newborn sessions are booked by month instead of a specific day, because we all know Baby has a mind of their own, right? Once you’re in the books, we’ll chat about things like wardrobe for your maternity session (I have a Pinterest board to help guide you on what to wear!), and what kind of location you have in mind for your session. Do you like beachy scenes? Something a bit more wooded? Rolling hills and open fields? You name it, I’ve got it. I’ve also got a short & sweet prep guide to send you for your newborn session so you know exactly what to bring, wear, and what to expect. Once Baby arrives, be sure to let me know within 48 hours so we can set the date for your studio session. And of course, if you’ve booked a Fresh 48 session, plan to text me and let me know that you’re in active labor, so I can make arrangements to come visit you and that sweet baby in the hospital!

2) It’s time to shine. Don’t worry, I know this part is nerve-wracking. It’s totally normal to feel a little anxious or uneasy meeting up with a stranger who’s about to shove a camera in your face. But rest assured, I’m really gentle with my camera shoving. My goal in each and every session is to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible, and I take pride in my ability to calm nerves and make people laugh! This is an exciting and fun experience, and I want you to leave feeling like you just spent time with an old friend.

I’ll take care of the posing 100%. I’ll carefully explain each detail like where to rest your hands, how to stand, where to look, whether to smile or not smile. I’ll ask you if you have a “good side,” any insecurities you want me to keep in mind while posing you, and I’ll promise to stand at only the best angles. My job is to make you feel good, and all I ask in return is to simply trust me!

For newborn sessions, I’ll be handling Baby for the majority of the session except for feedings. These shoots are hands-down my specialty and I take a immense amount of pride in knowing exactly how to handle, calm, and pose newborn babies. As a mom of three I understand just how much this sweet little nugget means to you and I vow to care for your baby just as I would my own.

Baby does not need any outfits or clothing since I’ll provide all props and he/she will be naked for most of the session with the exception of wrapped shots. And I know what you’re thinking- Poop. Pee. But hey, it happens, and I can honestly say that after 7+ years of doing this, I’m a pro at getting pooped on by babies. All backdrops and props used during each session are cleaned afterwards so it’s no biggy if Baby decides to have an accident on an item (or me)!

This part is important. Newborn sessions take 3-4 hours on average to complete from start to finish. This is due to Baby needing to eat and get a full belly which helps them settle for their first-ever photoshoot. Milk-drunk = happy baby. Baby may also need to take a break if he/she becomes fussy or wakes. I keep the room dark and at 80 degrees, so please be prepared for the warmth. I always photograph parent & sibling images first so you can change into something more comfortable/cooler afterwards, and so Dad can bring older siblings out for a walk down the street to the cafe, park, or indoor playground, or for a ride to nap. Having another adult present at the studio to take the older siblings out afterwards is strongly recommended; The studio is a small, dark, warm space filled with photography equipment and it can be overwhelming for all parties when a child becomes bored, tired and upset, especially in an unknown place.

I will have each set styled for your session before your arrival according to your preferences you list on my pre-session questionnaire. Though each Baby is different and some may not tolerate the same pose or position as another baby, I strive for no less than 4 unique sets for your newborn session; Sleepy poses, prop poses, birds-eye poses, fur rug poses, and if your package includes it, parent/sibling poses. If Baby refuses to sleep or is more comfortable wrapped, please understand that sometimes the only way to get through the session is to wrap and swaddle baby. If that’s the case, don’t worry; I make a pretty cute baby burrito and have a self-admitted wrap hoarding problem, so the styling wont look repetitive!

3) Cue the waterworks. I’ll have your gallery proofs ready to view in an online gallery within just a few days after your session. These proofs are not your end-product; These images are the pre-edited photos you get to choose your final images from, but I promise you’ll love them nonetheless and you may even shed a tear or two. These proofs will not yet have the final touches like blemish removal, skin smoothing, etc. They will only show the proper color correcting to give you a general idea of how the final image will look. Depending on how many images are included in your chosen package, you’ll “favorite” which proofs you’d like your package to include to be edited and delivered as a final product.

Two weeks after you’ve chosen your favorites I will deliver your final, hand-edited images to your online gallery to be downloaded. You’ll receive a digital print release form in your gallery to use for any future personal printing purposes. You may need this form if you are printing at a local lab, but I cannot stress this enough: Please refrain from printing at Walmart, CVS, Target, or any chain store labs. While I understand that these labs are incredibly convenient, their printers are not calibrated properly and your images’ colors and quality will suffer the consequences. You’ve invested so much into these gorgeous images, all I ask is that you take care in where you print these pieces of art. I can provide recommendations to some online print lab options, and of course, you are always welcome to submit print orders through your online gallery. I work with only the best professional, high-end print labs to ensure my clients receive the highest quality products that are 100% guaranteed to last over 100 years. You’ll be able to hang these photos down through all of the generations, just like your parents and grandparents did. And remember, if you’ve booked the DELUXE newborn package you receive a complimentary $50 print credit to use in your online gallery. That’s pretty awesome.

You’ll have two weeks to download your gallery to your computer and I strongly recommend backing these images up to either another hard drive, online backup, or a personal USB. If for whatever reason a gallery needs to be reactivated after the two weeks is up, a $50 gallery service fee is required to do so. I hate doing this, so be sure to download those galleries so I’m not required to take anymore of your money!

4) Come back soon. One of my absolute favorite parts about this job and working with families during this season of their lives is the relationships I’m able to form with them. I feel incredibly lucky to be included into the lives of so many people and being able to witness these miracles on a daily basis, and I’ll openly admit I get a little sad when the my role in this journey comes to an end.

I photograph sitter and milestone sessions and offer “Grow With Me” packages to capture Baby throughout their first year. I’m proud to say that I offer these exclusive packages to past clients ONLY. If this option is something that interests you, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further package info. There aren’t many things that make me as happy as being able to watch and photograph these little ones grow!

I’m so excited for the opportunity to work with you & your loved ones!