As 2018 came to an end and we rounded the corner into 2019, I took some time off to refuel and recharge. 2018 has been a year of growth, change, and new beginnings for me both personally and professionally. After the hectic holiday season, it all came to a whirlwind of an end, and I found myself needing some serious off-time to reflect, center myself and get back to basics.

At the end of each year I like to go back and look through the sessions I’ve completed. It’s rewarding and assuring to see my work improve over time, and it’s interesting to see how my style and approach may change with the seasons.

The images I’ve chosen to include in this post are not necessarily ones that are technically my best work in terms of lighting, composition, etc. But instead, these images are ones that provoke some real emotion within me, which is something I set out to accomplish more of in 2018. Over the years I’ve slowly drifted away from the overly posed, cookie-cutter images where the subjects are simply standing there and smiling at the camera, and I have naturally gravitated more towards images that show a subjects’ true emotion or making a connection. Now, it’s not that I feel that those cookie-cutter smiling images are bad or wrong, but they don’t “do” as much for me as an artist compared to images that make me FEEL something. I may feel connected to a particular image because of a genuine laugh or smile, a silly expression, a sense of wonder shown on a child’s face, or because I nailed the lighting on an image and I personally felt excited and accomplished in doing so.

When selecting some of these images I struggled with figuring out exactly why I loved them so much; I could acknowledge that yes, the lighting looks great, or overall it was just a beautiful image to look at. But after some thought I found that I loved the image because of a deeper meaning. Some of these photos were taken when I was at a point in my life where I was making big changes and exciting things were happening and I was at a very high point. With others I could think back and hear the song the couple was dancing to at their wedding when I took the image, and could remember the emotion I felt watching this beautiful moment unfold in front of me. But in the end it all came down to authentic and raw emotion. That’s the shit that makes me feel alive inside!

I express it so often, but I truly live a very blessed life; Part of me is afraid that if I say that too many times then it will lose it’s meaning, but it’s just so damn true. I get to witness some beautiful, life-changing moments for a living. People willingly invite me into their lives to document some of the most intimate and vulnerable times of their entire lives. They invest their hard-earned trust and money into me to accurately and beautifully document one of the most pivotal moments in their entire existence. I sit here and struggle to put into words just how much that blows my mind. And I can’t help but sit here and chuckle to myself when I’m reminded that these same people thank ME for what I do, when in reality I owe them all the thanks in the universe. By believing in me, you all have given me such an incredible and meaningful life.

- - -

In 2018 I photographed a total of 179 separate portrait sessions, 14 weddings, and 11 personal projects. Within those portrait sessions I completed 34 newborn sessions, 28 maternity sessions, 57 family sessions, 13 couple’s sessions, 7 boudoir sessions, 5 Fresh 48 sessions, and 5 seniors. I had to double check those numbers. Twice.

In 2018 I traveled 7,288 miles to and from sessions and weddings, and witnessed some of Maine’s most breathtaking places.

I quadrupled my total income from last year, when my ‘realistic’ goal was only to double it.

I excitedly and fearfully opened a new studio in January 2018, only to need to move and upgrade to an even bigger space 8 months later.

I invested time and money into continuing my education and improving my skill set which proved to be the best thing I could have done for my business at the time.

I met countless beautiful, kind humans that have become such an impactful part of my life whether they realize it or not. I have formed so many new friendships with clients and other industry professionals.

To put it simply, I far exceeded my expectations of 2018. For that I owe a very big thank-you to all of my clients that have trusted me to be a part of their lives this year, and to all of my loyal and faithful fans that never shy with their support. It does not go unnoticed and I’m so humbled and grateful that words could never express the exact magnitude of it.

THANK YOU! And let’s kick some more ass together in 2019!

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