I had the honor yesterday of photographing Barbora and Dean's wedding on a family's property in Roxbury, Maine. From the first time I met up with Barb and Dean at a little coffee shop a few months ago, I just had the feeling that this wedding was going to be one for the books. They had such a calming yet vibrant vibe; they sort of radiated off of one another when they were together. You could really tell they love and cherished one another with the way they spoke about each other and the smiles they shot each other in between chatting. 


From the moment I arrived to their location yesterday until the moment I left to head home, I felt so incredibly welcomed by everyone. The love and excitement in the air was contagious, and though many of their guests did not speak English, it didn't hinder the communal understanding of why we were there celebrating, and ultimately the language of love and friendship brought all together.


I want to say a huge thank-you to Barbora and Dean, and all of their friends and family who I was able to meet yesterday. You have entrusted me with the responsibility of documenting the amazing and beautiful day that was your wedding, and for that I am forever grateful. You two deserve the universe, and I wish you nothing but the best❤️


Here are just a few previews from their wedding!