Now that summer finally decided to join us here in Maine, I've felt myself yearning to find a field with long grass and a delicious sunset to photograph in. There's just something about the sunlight... When it begins to set and the light shoots through the trees in the distance, sending vibrant rays of sunshine to the ground. It glows on the tips of the tall grass, and when a cool breeze blows through, it's like complete and utter magic.

Now, imagine this scene and put a beautiful family smack dab in the middle of it.  If anyone asks, THAT is my happy place. And I have the photos to prove it!


Silvanus, Rachel, and Maya joined me at a sunny arboretum for their family session. Taking their photos was a photographer's dream; All you had to do was step back and just watch them together, and just that in itself made for the perfect family portrait. Their love for each other was so natural and unposed, and I barely made any directions for them the entire time we were together.

I'm extremely thrilled with the way their gallery turned out and I hope you'll enjoy it as well! Check out a handful of their images below.