Back in 2013 I had the pleasure of first meeting Kara, Kenzie, and Kami when I photographed they're gorgeous country wedding. They're really the sweetest little bunch; I remember having such a blast just being in the company of their friends and family on their wedding day. Kara and I became friends on social media and stayed in touch here and there over the years and occasionally chatted online. 

So fast forward about 4 years later, and I receive a message from Kara wanting to book a surprise session for her and her husband Kenzie and daughter Kami. I wasn't quite sure at first what sort of surprise this would be, but she soon told me that she had just found out she was expecting again and wanted to make the announcement to Kenzie and Kami during the session! She asked if that was something I would like to do and I immediately jumped on it! Like, UM YES! HELLO, this is a photographer's dream session! <3

So, we set a date and began figuring out the details on how we would announce it. We came together to make a plan that would surely fool the two of them. And, (spoiler alert) it did!

We started off with shooting like any other family session, then told Kara we could break out the props she brought along with her which were 3 chalkboard signs. On them I asked that they each write what they are thankful for but to keep it a secret and not show anyone else, and then we would one-by-one reveal what they wrote.







Kami went first:





Then Kenzie went next:





And then just before the big reveal when Kara showed hers:





And when Kenzie and Kami turned around...


Goosebumps and tears, ya'll! It meant so, so much to me to be able to be such a significant part of this event in their lives. I was the first person Kara told and literally no one else knew but the two of us before she announced it to her family. It sessions like these that make what I do SO incredibly special and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you so much to the Rideout family for including me in two of the biggest, most important parts of your lives. I am so humbled you chose me to do this for you<3


Check out the rest of their gallery in sequential order below, you really don't want to miss the 'after' photos!


Until next time<3